Is ZCladTM Eco?

Here at ZCladTM we are very conscious of the eco-system and quarrying so a percentage of our stone cladding is made from the waste offcuts of large stone quarrying work. So effectively, we are making your cladding from the over burden product of the larger scaled stone waste which would normally be discarded.

The majority of the cladding construction work is undertaken by hand by placing hand-chiseled pieces of stone into a mould. This means there will never be two pieces of cladding the same, giving you the truly natural look.

The stone quarries we use are Government Controlled making sure all the areas being used are legal and after quarrying, the area is returned to its original state with the planting for trees and forna. We also use recycled wood for our pallets so the local forestry is not used.

The dust form the manufacturing process is water filtered making slurry pits. Even this is used, the granite dust is added to rock salt to help salt our roads in winter and the other by-products go into making brick-slips and cast concrete cladding.