How To Install ZClad

A brief guide on some things you'll need to know, when installing the ZClad range of decorative wall cladding products.

One pack contentsCalculating Quantities

ZClad comes in a box, each box covers an area of one third of a square metre and contains the following:

Calculating Quantities

Ensure you have enough panels to cover the area you intend to clad. To do this simply measure the horizontal and vertical dimensions, multiply these two figures together and then add on 10% to cover wastage and cutting.

All you need are a few basic hand and power tools and an adhesive to apply the panels to the wall.

Mix the Adhesive

Mix the adhesive either by hand or using a power mixer, making enough to do a small area at a time.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions, ideally the mixture will stick to a trowel but can be flicked off easily.

Creating the Baseline

It is important that your first course of cladding is level, it will be harder to correct errors later. Use packing pieces if necessary.

Corners and WallingCorners and Walling

Always start the cladding at a corner. Offer the panel to the wall first to ensure it fits. Use a grooved trowel to spread the adhesive evenly on the wall. Push the panel firmly into place using a rubber mallet allowing the interlocking edge to overhang the corner. Repeat on the other side of the corner interlocking the ZClad panels to make a good join. Complete the corners at either end of the course before working to the centre to ensure that any cut edges are hidden.

Apply adhesive to either end of the panel to fill the joint area and give the finished wall a seamless appearance.

The process for making external or internal corners is the same.


The panels can be cut using an electric grinder, however you may find it easier to use a cutting bench. To avoid waste measure the panels accurately cutting to a Z shape to maintain the seamless pattern.

Fixing ClipFixing Clip

To ensure a secure fix on higher walls, the panels come with an integral clip that can be easily screwed to the masonry behind. For walls over 2 metres high we recommend these clips are used.