Frequently Asked Questions about ZClad

Answers to some common questions about our stone cladding products and how to install them.

Are ZCladTM panels made from natural stone?

Yes, they made from natural stone to give a more authentic look.

What holds ZCladTM natural stone panels together?

Our ZCladTM natural stone is bonded to a cement base, reinforced with mesh.

Is ZCladTM suitable for indoor or outdoor use?

ZCladTM is suitable for both interior and exterior applications on new or existing buildings. We recommend the use our Natural Finish Stone Sealer for exterior applications.

Is each ZCladTM panel different?

Yes, each panel is unique in design, colour, blend and texture. 

Are ZClad panels easy to install?

Yes, specialist skills and training are unnecessary.

How do I calculate the quantity needed?

Flat Walls and Internal Corners - Multiply the length of the wall by the height of the wall, add 10% for cutting and wastage, this will give the quantity required in square metres (m2).

External Corners - These are measured in Linear Metres (lm). A linear meter is the height of the corner to be clad, from the top to the bottom of the section you wish to cover (eg. from the ceiling to the floor, or the height of a garden wall).

What surfaces can ZClad be applied to?

ZClad is suitable for use on masonry and concrete surfaces. 

How are ZCladTM panels laid?

They should be laid in brick fashion i.e. they must stagger or overlap each other.

Are the backs of ZCladTM panels flat?

Yes, this allows them to be adhered effectively to any masonry wall.

Does ZCladTM supply corner pieces?

ZCladTM innovative design means that you can construct internal corners using the same interlocking flat panels.

For external corners, we supply specially constructed external corner pieces.

What adhesive does ZCladTM recommend?

We recommend Matios tile adhesive.

Are ZClad panels easy to maintain?

Yes, ZClad panels are robust, easy to keep clean and do not fracture, deteriorate or lose their colour. 

ZClad Natural Stone SealerDo ZClad panels need sealing?

Yes, we recommend our ZClad Natural Finish Stone Sealer. Download the Application Guide PDF.

Can ZClad panels be used in wet areas?

Yes, ZClad panels can be used in or near swimming pools, water features, near beachfronts or salt spray. We recommend the use our Natural Finish Stone Sealer for wet area situations.

Are ZClad panels affected by cold weather? 

No, ZClad natural stone panels can be used in subzero or freeze/thaw conditions with no adverse effect if installed correctly. 

Are ZClad panels affected by heat?

No, ZClad natural stone panels can be used in extreme climates and are also suitable for fireplace surrounds.

Will the colours of the stone fade?

No, actually the colour of the natural stone used in our ZCladTM panels will usually be enhanced with time.

What size are ZClad natural stone panels?

Each pack contains: 1 panel @ 200mm x 200mm; 1 panel @ 400mm x 200mm; 2 panels @ 600mm x 200mm; panels are 40-50mm thick.
ZClad panel sizes

How much do ZClad panels weigh?

1m2 of ZClad weighs approx 85Kgs 

How are ZClad panels cut?

ZClad panels can be cut with a standard diamond cutter.

Do ZClad panels require mechanical fixing?

Yes, above 2 metres we recommend use of the integrated fixing clip.